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Hello, my name is Paolo Migliaccio, for over 10 years I have been actively taking care of small and medium enterprises, for all aspects related to corporate image / brand.

More specifically, I develop graphic projects of offline communication materials (catalogs, leaflets, magazines, etc.), advertising elements for the web, development of websites, blogs, CRM (management systems) and optimize sites for Google and other search engines (SEO optimization).

My mission is to create the right look of visual content and related strategies related to transmission, based on the values, experiences, expertise, history and identity of each client.

A responsibility that motivates me to keep a constant focus on improvement and the acquisition of new skills, to grow both professionally and personally.

I have also been involved for 4 years as a trainer, in training courses of CAD modeling and 3D printing, with the aim of transmitting the knowledge and technical skills necessary to face a correct 3D printing process.

You can view some of my work